April 19, 2019

In 50 countries with the highest concentration of persecution, 4,136 people died for their faith in 2018. This figure represents real people with real lives, families, jobs, churches—who every day made the dangerous choice to believe in and trust Jesus. 

66 While Peter was below in the courtyard, one of the servant girls of the high priest came by. 67 When she saw Peter warming himself, she looked closely at him.

“You also were with that Nazarene, Jesus,” she said.

68 But he denied it. “I don’t know or understand what you’re talking about,” he said, and went out into the entryway.

69 When the servant girl saw him there, she said again to those standing aroun...

April 5, 2019

My dad’s favorite way to teach is by example. If you’ve ever worked with him, you know this to be true. I learned at an early age that to understand his skills and his wisdom, I must follow him closely, paying attention to the great detail he puts into each task he accomplishes. Through this, I have learned to anticipate his next steps and now we make a great team!

26 Anyone who wants to serve me must follow me, because my servants must be where I am. And the Father will honor anyone who serves me.

John 12:26 

Learning from my dad has been a great example in learning how to follow Jesus and serve others. When it is easy to rush ahead with our own plans and...

April 1, 2019

There I was crushing aluminum cans in my dad’s shop on a cold January day. I had just lost my job, so I spent my days collecting cans on the sides of the road and doing odd jobs for income. I was feeling trapped and lost, like my world was falling apart. After years of not serving God, I found myself turning to Him and promising to follow Him in exchange for His hand on my life. He showed up for me that day and all the days after. The months that followed proved to be the life-changing experience I needed.

Psalm 119:117 Sustain me, and I will be rescued; then I will meditate continually on your decrees.

This verse is a great reminder that when we’ve asked...

March 24, 2019

The day the Wii game system first came out, I waited in line for 12 hours at Walmart for the opportunity to purchase one of the ten Wiis they had in stock. It was an event with friends bringing me meals and hanging out to pass the time! When the time came for them to go on sale, there were only nine people in line, so I bought two of these coveted systems- one for me and one for my buddy. The problem started when my friend shared his intention to sell his Wii on eBay for twice what I had paid for it… without offering to split the profits with me! I was happy to let him make some money, but not unless I was being compensated for my time as well. I was rea...

March 18, 2019

The summer before I started college, I made a HUGE change, rededicating my life to Christ and transitioning away from an old life of sin. The following year held many new things for me. When I moved away to college, I found a conservation area near school called Painted Rock. It was a place where I found solitude and experienced the presence of God. Heading into that year of change, I needed to be alone. I spent this time praying and studying scripture. It was an opportunity to put my thoughts and actions aside and seek what God wanted for my life. 

Matthew 14:13 says, "As soon as Jesus heard the news, he left in a boat to a remote area to be alone. But t...

March 9, 2019

Did you know that the majority of chocolate is still hand-harvested? That means for every pound of chocolate we consume, someone had to use a machete to free approximately 500 cocoa beans from huge pod, all before these beans are ground and processed into the chocolate that we know and love. It’s hard to imagine that cacao farmers around the world hand-harvest the most popular sweet treat with relatively small crews to help with the work. 

In Matthew 9:38, Jesus says "So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”

Can you imagine if our small group of Gatherers was responsible for sharing the Gospel arou...

May 26, 2015

“Children have never been good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed at imitating them.”  James A. Baldwin


I grew up at Camp Sharon, a Church of God campground at the Lake of the Ozarks. Because of this unique situation, my early memories include far more people than my immediate family.


Youth camps always ended on Saturday mornings and no matter who you were, if you stood around too long, you were put to work! My family and any campers, counselors or other visitors that were staying the weekend joined efforts to prepare the camp for the following week. This included many Saturdays of cleaning toilets throughout my childhood! But after...

April 17, 2015

This time last year, I was working overnights and LOTS of overtime. I felt like a zombie and completely disconnected. Sam and I were talking about new jobs and where we wanted to live. I had gone to a few interview in a few different citys and had job offers, but we decided that we wanted God's purpose to guide us not our jobs. We felt like our jobs were a tool we could use to support and grow the Church wherever we were.

When Jon and Amanda asked us to pray about planting a church with them, we knew right away that it was God's plan for our lives right now. Since then, he has reaffirmed that decision with all the doors he has op...

March 31, 2015


Easter is a very special day to me! It's a time when my family is celebrating and it's the start of spring. 
So just as the grass and trees start to show color, it reminds me that Jesus is alive. It reminds me that my debt has been paid and that Jesus is more powerful than all the sin in the whole world. It makes me feel forgiven and inspires me to share this amazing message. 

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