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September 5, 2018


"My dear brothers and sisters, remain strong in the faith. Don't let anything move you. Always give yourselves completely to the work of the Lord. Because you belong to the Lord, you know that your work is not worthless." - 1 Corinthians 15:58 (NIRV).


What we do today counts for forever. We must remember that we are not just working for this day, or for the next paycheck, or to make sure we can get that new iPhone. We are working because God has called us to this - to whatever it is we're doing. Sometimes it's going to seem like what we're doing doesn't really matter. It's going to feel like we're not actually touching anyone's lives. But ultimately, that's not what our labor is about. We are putting all of our strength towards the Lord. We are working for His Kingdom. And his validation is the only one we should be seeking. Following God's direction and influence, we can be sure in what we are doing. We can have the faith to not quit or change directions. We are following Jesus' call on our lives.


This is something I think we should try to make our kids understand as well. We need to remind them that the things we're asking them and teaching them to do are for a purpose. We're not just teaching them to listen in class, so our teaching goes easier. We're not asking them to reach out to friends just so our church can see bigger numbers. And we're not asking them to be nice to their siblings just so we don't have to yell as much. We do all of these things because we know they can have a much bigger impact for the Kingdom. But the children need to know that also. Maybe we don't make that clear so much. Maybe they don't realize that what they're doing today is going to effect their forever. So I urge all of you who interact with our kiddos, to encourage and remind them why we're asking what we ask of them.

I ask that you would pray for our other teachers - Christine Holt & Amanda Springer

And pray for the kids as they go into school, practice and their other activities this fall.


And I want to give a BIG thanks to all of you! It has been so awesome to have all of you helping with the kids. I know they love and appreciate you spending your time with them. 

Please keep your eyes open for our fourth quarter kids event. Plans will be out for the October newsletter!




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