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It was a warm, sunny morning when the sound of a compressor and a nail gun filled the air. It was perfect weather for building a deck or a shed, but I was building neither. I was shooting nails at a target sitting on the back of the stage. It was a Sunday morning and I was teaching a lesson on the importance of keeping margin in our time and finances. Perhaps they were scared or intrigued, either way, I had completely captured the attention of the audience…“Marley was dead, to begin with.” This is perhaps the most well known opening line from any book. Charles Dickens penned this phrase in the mid 1800’s but when I read it for the first time, it had me hooked and I wanted to keep reading. With all the different movie versions of “The Christmas Carol”, I’m not the only one who kept reading.



When Jesus taught a valuable lesson he used stories that the audience related to. He also relocated if it meant making a greater impact. For instance, to teach a crowd of people, he moved from the congested shore to a boat. He was also perceptive of the audience’s physical needs and even provided meals. We all have sat through something boring and miserable. So whether it is using amazing props or stories that resound with each person, we will provide Creative Teaching so that Scripture can be taught and caught in a memorable way.


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