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A son was born Dec. 28, 1980 to Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Simmonds of DeKalb at Sycamore Municipal Hospital. Named Jonathan Paul, he weighed 5 pounds, 14 ½ ounces and joins Joel Samuel, 2, at home. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hinkle, Sycamore; Mr. and Mrs. Donald (Buz) Simmonds, Maple Park. Great-grandparents are Mrs. Eva Benefiel, Anderson, Ind.; Mrs. Margrete Thornburg, Middletown, Ind; Paul Bell, Exeter, Va.This was the big news that welcomed me into this world almost 34 years ago. The MidWeek DeKalb newspaper records where, when, and to whom I was born but if you notice real closely it never says why I was born. It doesn’t even give a hint.


However, when The Table was created we knew what the purpose would be. We knew the why. The Table was created so that Each Person will find Jesus and his plan for their life. We believe that Each Person is deeply loved by God regardless of age, race, national origin, disability, political party affiliation, tax income bracket or personal history. We also believe that God has a dream and a plan for Each Person as well.  If one was to write a short birth announcement for The Table, I guess it would go something like this:A church was born August 1, 2014 to the community of St. Charles, MO. Named The Table, started as a small group of adults and kids that meet in a home.


The Table offers sacrificial love, cultivates unrestrained friendships, employs innovative methods, designs engaging experiences, and provides creative teaching, so that each person will find Jesus and His plan for their life.


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Saint Peters, MO 63376

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