THE VISION | Sacrificial Love

It was a cold winter night and the cabinets were almost empty for the family of four. The decision to follow the call of Jesus had taken this family from their hometown to a place that was eight hours away. The next decision was going to be whether or not to put gas in the car, to be able to make it to work the next day, or to purchase what little groceries the remaining money could afford. As the dad was headed to get something out of the car, he was met by several huge grocery bags sitting on the front porch. The local church this family had started to attend rallied together to surprise this new family with a ton of groceries that proved more than just life saving nourishment. It brought hope: it showed love.


Our Lead Pastor, Jon Simmonds was just four years old when those groceries appeared on his front porch. That moment impacted him deeply and he immediately understood the importance of the local church and the people who offered sacrificial love to make sure that those around them were without need. At The Table we offer sacrificial love as a way to show others the love of Christ. He offered sacrificial love and so do those who gather around The Table.



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