A New Home, A New Challenge: trusting God in the little things

November 18, 2014

393 days, 4 jobs, 3 cars, 2 new cities, 2 apartments, 1 great adventure!

Jacob and I have recently ventured into our second year of marriage (just barely!). After 393 days of holy matrimony, we are just scratching the surface of understanding all the wisdom our family and friends have imparted to us about marriage. It’s been wonderful and terrifying; full of new experiences and the comfort of normalcy; exactly what we expected and nothing we could have anticipated, all at the same time! The last year for us has involved more change than ever before, but it has also magnified the overwhelming love of God and challenged us to trust him in every detail.

Here’s a brief overview of our journey to St. Charles:
Jacob and I were living in Jefferson City, Mo. after our wedding in October of 2013 and doing life with the amazing church family at Jeff City First Church of God! Jake had been working at Johnson Controls since college graduation that May. I had the opportunity to serve as Administrative Coordinator at the church. As we settled into life together, we continued to pray that God would give us direction and purpose in our future.
After a shift change that moved Jake to overnights and fervent prayer for an improved work environment, he interviewed and was offered a position at True Manufacturing in O’Fallon, Mo. Though we initially turned down the position, because we could not identify our purpose in moving to the St. Louis area, God quickly showed us that he had a greater plan unfolding.
I believe God began cultivating the relationships between the team members of The Table long before we knew the purpose! (See below to meet the members of this church planting team.) Jon and Amanda initially served as my youth pastors and in the following years became dear friends. Jake and Jon attended Camp Sharon together as kids, and we all continued stay connected and grow deeper in friendship. When we were presented with the vision for The Table and this calling to St. Charles County, we couldn’t help but shake our heads in amazement at God’s plan. (If you missed the previous newsletter from Jon outlining this vision, check it out here!) We were confident that our passion for the local church, personal gifts of service, conviction for reaching communities for Christ were God-given characteristics to be used here. Prayerful consideration solidified the confidence we felt that He had been paving the way for this exact purpose! So with a couple of phone calls to True Manufacturing, Jacob secured a better position than the one initially offered and we packed our bags for the big move!
Now that we’ve been settled into this new life since June, I can recount for you some of the overwhelming provisions we’ve been blessed with!
- After only short time in the job search, I landed a position at Sunshine Ministries in downtown St. Louis. I am enjoying the opportunity to learn about the culture of this city and help meet the needs of those struggling with poverty and homelessness.
- God is sustaining us financially and challenging us to make sacrifices to pay off our student loan debt in a short time frame.
Here are some areas we would ask for your prayers:
- Jake is currently working 3 pm – midnight. This schedule leaves little time for us to see each other and for him to contribute to community building here in St. Charles. Pray that God will provide a quick transition to day shift.
- We are intentionally frequenting local restaurants and coffee shops to connect with those in the community. Pray that God will use these encounters to reach His people.
We are thrilled to be a part of this church-planting journey and so privileged to share this incredible experience with the team that God has crafted. We’re equally excited to join with all of you who are supporting this endeavor through prayer and finances. We’re all on this new path together and, with God’s promise in focus, the road ahead is guaranteed to be life-altering!

Sam and Jake

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