Thankful For Thankfulness

November 29, 2014

Thankfulness I'm learning, has a lot to do with perspective. Though I've always had SO MUCH to be thankful for, these last few months have made me incredibly thankful for little things that I have not fully appreciated in the past! What has changed is my perspective, sometimes having less makes you more thankful!

Moving to a city where we know no one, has made us extremely grateful for the friends that God brought here ahead of us! What a blessing to already have friends in this new city! Right now, we have less weekly responsibilities than we have ever had, and no commitment to be anywhere specific on Sundays. The last four months have given our family more margin in our schedule, more time to just "be". We are so thankful for this time of rest. Our financial position has drastically changed in this new season. We have had many opportunities to be thankful for the generosity of others. We are thankful for God's provision in a way we have not had to rely on it in the past. Jon has spent the last 13 years learning how to fix and maintain our cars, this month he has spent about 20 hours on our vehicles. I am so thankful for the money Jon's ability has saved us with his willingness to fix almost anything on our cars!

We are tremendously thankful for what God is already doing through The Table, encouraged to be on this journey and optimistic for what is ahead!! We enjoyed the people we got to meet and conversations we got to have at the Open House in October. We were so thankful to be able to meet new friends and connect with people excited about the vision! We will be starting our first small group in January with five families, we are so excited to start meeting in our home! 

To be honest, we have no idea what God plans to do through us and this ministry. Our intent is to be faithful and obedient in every step. You know that before the October event, we set a goal and asked you to partner with us to raise $1,000 before the date of the Open House. I am so blessed to tell you that IT HAPPENED!! It was amazing! You also know that we set a goal to raise $10,000 before 12.31. When we were setting this goal it felt ambitious and ordained at the same time. I am overjoyed to tell you that we have also met that goal!!! Over $12,000 has been given even before December 1st is here!!! God is working and going ahead of us. Jon, I, and our team are so humbled and expectant for what is to come in the life of The Table. 

Thank you so much for your partnership in the monetary aspect of this opportunity! We know that you are also praying because doors continue to open, opportunities continue to come and the direction of the Lord is evident. Please continue to pray! 


Amanda Simmonds



  • Get involved in the community of St. Charles in a meaningful way.

  • Develop a passion and love for those God wants to reach through us.

  • Build solid relationships.

Cool things

  • We are truly in awe at the faithfulness with which people have given to The Table!

  • Jon was able to lead a conference at the Missouri State Youth Convention last week-end. 

  • We continue to meet area church planters, it has been a blessing to hear their stories and know we're all trying to do this together.


  • Ferguson is about 20 minutes from St. Charles. Please pray for the community of St. Louis as a whole in this situation.                     

  • We have used financial reserves to continue to make the house payment in Springfield and meet other needs that Jon's check doesn't cover right now. Please pray that God will sustain and provide.

  • This holiday season without Pam will be hard, please pray for comfort.

  • We know that God is preparing more people to join our team. Please pray for obedience and provision.



Abi's elementary school is a Title 1 school, this means that at least 40% of the students are on free or reduced lunches. Our heart is to serve the families in this school!





Clay just had his 4th birthday! He can write his letters and numbers and is a great helper with things around the house - especially killing bugs.





We are looking for opportunities to invite people in to our home to build relationships and show the love God has for us all.

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