5 Measure... 5 Loaves

March 12, 2015



If my eyes were shut, and I heard a guitar playing, it would have taken me about 5 measures for me to know if it was my mom playing that guitar or someone else.  To this day, I have yet to hear another person play a guitar with her same style.  It always amazed me that my mom could make all those strings blend together to make the most beautiful song come to life.  I would pay almost anything to hear her play just 5 more measures.  
There was a time when the Disciples of Jesus were gathered together.  They had locked themselves into a home for fear that they too would be arrested, beaten, and killed.  The days, weeks, and months with Jesus must have flown by so quickly.  But the hours directly following His death must have been the slowest.  I am sure their conversations over those agonizing moments must have contained some form of remembrance.  Remember when Jesus called each one of us by name?  Remember when Jesus slept through that huge storm on the lake?  Remember when Jesus walked on the water?  Remember when Jesus turned that jar of water into wine?  Remember when He raised Lazarus from dead?  Remember the 5 loaves and 2 fish?  I can imagine one of them saying, “I’d give anything to see Jesus break just 5 more loaves…”
Last week, as I sat dreaming about the future of The Table, the number 5 kept surfacing in my mind.  5…is the number of times The Table has gathered as a group.  5…is the number of core families we have been gathering with.  5…is the number of brand new friends from St. Charles County who have gathered with us around The Table…5 measures…5 loaves… 
My mom would stretch each individual string almost to the point of breaking just to get each one in tune, she would then apply pressure to each one at a certain point and press them against the neck of the guitar, then she would scrape a hard sharp pick across each one.  Sounds excruciating doesn't it?  Nope, it sounded beautiful.
It seems that each Disciple faced adversity as well.  You would think that all the times they lacked faith, the persecution, the imprisonments, and death of loved ones…you would think that their lives would have ended broken and bitter.  However, they had placed their lives in the hand of the ultimate musician…Jesus.  He was able to blend each one so that His beautiful song would resonate.  The song began in the book of Acts as the church burst forth.  And it sounded beautiful.
At The Table, we understand that we are just a continuation of His song.  We are His instruments.  We are His strings.  We know that we will be stretched, pressed, and scraped.  In just the few short weeks we have gathered, we know that we are better together.  We have already built tremendous friendships.  We have laughed, cried, eaten, prayed, served, sung, and learned together.  As we look out into the darkness of our communities, we understand that we must carry His light…together.  If this has just been 5 measures…what is in store for the rest of the song? 

We are blessed by the notes that you bring to His song!


Jon Simmonds
Lead Pastor at The Table

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