A Journey of Faith

April 15, 2015


Faith is not the absence of doubt, but the determination to keep moving in God's direction.

I love the new series Jon has started! Even though we know these stories, it makes us take another look at their journey of faith and relate them to our own story. I love studying someone like Abraham and being able to pull out lessons from his life that I need. Reading someone's life on paper, makes me appreciate having a different vantage point than they did.

I often revisit the story of Abraham when I feel lacking in my faith or unsure of the future. It's a great example of someone who went because God said "go", not because he had it all figured out. Someone who believed, because God said it would be so, not because he had any proof. I aspire to be that way. I often find myself in the mirror of Abraham's mistakes as well: striving to accomplish God's purposes through my own strength; following God, but feeling the need to fill in the gaps with my own plans. Sound familiar? 

25 years is along time, almost my whole life, it's also the amount of years between when God told Abraham to relocate and when Isaac was born; alot happened in that time and I'm sure Abraham learned alot. Would he do things different if he had our vantage point? Did he really comprehend the vast, long reaching impact of his choices and his story? Would we?

God's promises to Abraham were impossible and Abraham faced a lot of fear and doubt. But God was consistent; he kept reminding Abraham of his promises, kept reassuring him of his plan, kept renewing his commitment to the end result. Faith requires that we choose trust over fear because the two cannot exist together. Trusting God both takes and develops our faith. God's plans are not sent in a blueprint, they come like pieces of a puzzle or steps of the Amazing Race; they build on each other, and don't always make sense at the time. When Abraham doubted, he sought God, and God met him there. God made a promise and gave a vision, but only God could bring it to pass, not human effort. That is a good reminder for me. 

"Faith means trusting in advance, what will only makes sense in reverse." Phillip Yancey 

This week, please join me in praying that our faith will be increased as we choose to obediently follow after God, even without knowing the destination. We are all on an individual faith journey that brings questions and concerns; what a blessing to be able to pray for each other!


Kids' Party Update:
Last week we had 12 kids!!! 6 older ones and 6 younger ones, it was GREAT!!! I am so excited for what God will do through the lives of the kids that come through The Table. I've been splitting in to two groups for "group time" and letting one of the older kids lead their group through a couple of questions and practicing the memory verse; I love opportunities for kids to lead. We've also started incorporating a kids song where they can get up and dance! Please go over the week's memory verse with them: post a video or have them say it to me on Saturday and they will get a piece of candy. It's an easy way to motivate them to learn scripture and be able to share with you what they are learning. This week's verse is John 13:34 "...just as I have loved you, you should love each other."

Missy will be doing the Kids Party for the three weeks! THANK YOU!!!  Please take time to encourage her and pray for her as she leads our kids to the heart of Jesus.

I will be putting together a Camping List for our trip next month, stay tuned.

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday! 




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