This Time Last Year: ¿Qué pregunta?

May 19, 2015


My sophomore year in high school, I signed up for an Introduction to Spanish class. I had recently returned from a mission trip to Mexico and was excited to learn more about this language and the culture. A few weeks into the course our teacher opened the class with a “pop-quiz.” Until this moment, I was under the impression this “pop-quiz” everyone spoke of was a myth… but I was about to experience my first one. I can still remember how my heart raced and the anxiety that washed over me as I realized the entire quiz (directions and all) was in SPANISH! I know you’re thinking that should have been a given, but I was still new at this foreign language thing. I kept thinking, “If only I could have studied!” The problem was, not only did I not know the answers; I couldn’t even figure out the questions.


This is exactly how I felt this time last year. With the mission of church planting newly on our horizon, I felt like God had laid a plan before us but it was in a foreign language. I knew there were so many things to be done, but I didn’t even know what questions to ask! Thus began, what we called, our Information Gathering season. (If I’m being honest, we’re STILL gathering information and I hope we always are!)


As a team we set about finding books, blogs, podcasts, experts, and any other resources we could find to help equip us for this journey. Oh, and did I mention, we prayed? We prayed A LOT. We were putting the practical things in motion: jobs, housing, etc. Jake was interviewing for jobs in the Saint Louis area and we were buried in the details of moving. I was encountering many situations, where I didn’t know what questions to ask and I didn’t have any answers to offer. At this point I challenged God to keep up His end of the bargain. I promised to follow wherever He would lead… and lead He did!


This time last year, I began a personal journey of trusting God to equip me for His task. This last year has proved to be full of firsts and thankfully He is still leading the way.

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