Working for Opportunity and Celebrating the Little Things!

June 3, 2015


"We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas Edison


God continues to open doors, provide opportunities and show us more about the love he has for all people. At this stage, even small things seem huge and we are counting them all as achievements!
May was a busy month for the Simmonds family; as a result of some engagements, we were gone two Saturdays, the night The Table meets each week. It was encouraging to watch the group proceed in our absence. Everyone stepped up to fill the gaps: teach kids, lead adults, prep food, clean up; among other things. We couldn’t be more thankful!! It is a privilege to lead a group of people who are committed to the vision, willing to get involved and have a heart to serve! We think that was a big deal, and boy did we miss being with them. We love doing life as The Table, and when you’re not there, it makes you value the time together, even more. Last weekend we went camping together, what an adventure! Such valuable memories and experiences to build on, as we seek to build a church together. We are looking for ways to serve our community and enjoying the opportunities to connect with new people. I think our whole group can feel God stirring in and among us, calling us, preparing us – we are excited!
Last month I was able to spend some time with our team members not yet in St. Charles. It was refreshing to see Sarah and Mindy, hug their necks and listen to what is happening in their every day lives. We are confident in the people God has brought together to lead The Table and are looking forward to working side by side. Most of our Plant Team was able to attend the Camp Sharon Fundraising Banquet over Memorial Day weekend. This year’s event raised over $14,000 to continue impacting the lives of young people. We greatly value this ministry: Jon felt called to ministry while at Camp Sharon, he proposed to me there, many of our friendships are linked to the camp, and we have witnessed lives deeply impacted by the work God does through Camp Sharon!  What an opportunity!
Abi completed 2nd grade, and her first school year in St. Charles. We prayed for her school year a lot and I’m thankful that God answered every prayer! She did amazing! I am so proud of how she has made friends, been flexible, learned and loved! Her last week of school, I was able to volunteer for one of their fun days. I spent a few hours helping with crafts, meeting several teachers and connecting with the kids. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get more connected to her school!
Our family is learning to depend on God in a way that we have not experienced before. What a blessing to experience the truth of God’s promises, in real life! Not only have we been dependent on him for our financial obligations, we are also rejoicing in how he answers prayers and fulfills the desires of our hearts! God is good, and he’s also so nice! Last month, we asked you to pray for guidance and provision for us about attending the National Church of God Convention. It’s this month in Oklahoma City. We wanted to participate in this great opportunity, but did not want to be unwise with our limited resources. So we prayed, and you prayed. THANK YOU!!! Thank you for lifting our requests to our Father and for also stepping in and being part of the answer.  WE GET TO GO!!!!! Within a couple of days of our last newsletter, everything started coming together, it was amazing! We were offered a hospitable home to stay in while at the convention, lent a car to take, Jon’s work let him have the time off, they are also allowing him make up the time; plus: God provided side work to cover the additional expenses of the convention. WOW!!! See what I mean? God is doing crazy things, we feel loved.
Thank you for partnering with us and supporting this adventure! If you are ever in our area on a Saturday evening, we would love for you to stop by The Table. We meet at 6pm, Saturdays in our home.




  • Building community relationships at the week end farmers market.

  • Volunteer throughout the community.

  • Transitioning of Sarah Helm to St. Charles.

  • Simmonds travel to OKC for National Convention.


Amazing happenings since we last talked:

  • God has been working among The Table gatherers, answering prayers. We are grateful for how active He has been.

  • God has provided extra income using Jon's skill in carpentry and repair.

  • I will start volunteering at the St. Louis Crisis Nursery in July.

  • Jon has been given the opportunity to speak at two churches in July.

  • Two churches are partnering with The Table on a monthly basis.

  • I hope you have enjoyed what you've seen from The Table on social media. Sam is taking care of communicating our heart and activities to the world on a consistent basis.



  • Continue to lift Jon up as he leads our family, this baby church, and great people; in addition to working full time and other responsibilities. Specifically: inner peace, restfulness and endurance.

  • Ministry is a great place to be and we want to have a strong family to do it together. Please pray for the continued strengthening and health of our family.

  • We are beginning to consider where to live when our lease is up this August. Please pray for God's timing and guidance.

  • Answered: Church of God National Convention is coming up this summer, we were very blessed to attend last year. Please pray that if God wants us to go again this year, it will be strikingly clear.



  • Abi gets to go to church camp this year, she is excited to be a camper! She's loves to read and go on walks.

  • Clay loves playing T-ball on Mondays! He is also learning sight words and enjoys going to the Library.

  • This week is our first adventure to the Farmer's Market! Hope to meet tons of locals!

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