2016 Challenge

January 20, 2016

 A science fair project was a requirement when I was in 5th grade.  So being my usual creative self (sarcasm intended), I chose the exact same project that my brother did just two years earlier.  I decided to grow some plants in varying mixtures of soil and sand.  Obviously the seeds in the potting soil grew better than the seeds in the sand.  It was a predictable experiment with predictable results.
     This is why church planting is so difficult.  There are more than a couple of variables.  However, we know that we must have a constant…and His name is Jesus.  We must continue to look to Him and his example that was recorded for us in Scripture.  Right now Jesus is our only constant.  Our message of him cannot change.
    Jesus spent a ton of time with his Disciples.  This is a strategy we feel is vital for The Table.  Over this past year we have spent time building and strengthening the core of those who gather around The Table.  We have fished together, camped together, gone on retreats together, opened the Word together, sung together, and have served together.  Not to mention the countless meals we have shared.
     In 2016, our challenge is to add another dimension and challenge to those who gather at The Table.  That challenge is for us to connect with people who are not like us:  those who do not go to church, those who do not have a family who cares for them, those who need friends, those who are in desperate need of Christ.  You see, this too is what Jesus did when he walked this planet.  He not only hung out with religious leaders and his disciples but he hung out with sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes, the crippled, blind, and demon-possessed.  He was not afraid to look into the eyes of an unbeliever and neither should we be.
    Over the next few years, I hope we are found in some of the darkest places that need the light of Jesus the most.  We live in a broken world and we must engage those who are broken in it if we are going to be the vessel that carries the message of The Healer.
    Below you can see some of the amazing things that happened at The Table in 2015.   Thank you for your continued support through prayer and your sacrificial financial gifts.
Jon Simmonds
Lead Pastor



We had the amazing opportunity to speak at Cypress Street Church of God's Faith Promise Convention this past weekend in Louisiana. They pledged over $30,000 towards global missions and ministries!  Cypress Street was the first church to financially partner with The Table. 


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