Simmonds' Snapshot: May

May 11, 2016

 Around the Simmonds’ home we are rejoicing for the Spring and Summer seasons!! We are excited for nice weather, playing outside in the sunshine and enjoying the rhythm of summer break. This year was the first year of MAP Testing for Abi. She did awesome and her school did a great job of rewarding and motivating the students!


From February to April I worked for a CPA firm in St. Louis helping get out returns during tax season. This was a great opportunity and I hope to have a chance to return, once the kids start school in August. As a result, Clay got to experience Preschool. It was a good practice for him to get in the routine of leaving the house again each morning. He impressed his teachers, made new friends and learned how to work through group dynamics in a classroom setting.


Jon is hard at work as always!! His job has been a blessing during the building remodel. They have been flexible with his schedule and offered valuable referrals throughout the process!  He is glad to see the building moving along and all the ways God is putting the pieces together. Jon continues to lead The Table through this exciting and busy time, with wisdom! We want to thank you all for your prayers for our family. We have had several months of sickness. If it’s out there, we seem to have caught it, and in some instances keep passing it around. Would you mind to pray specifically for our family to stay healthy in the coming months?
The word legacy has been in the front of my mind lately, it means: something handed down by a predecessor. When I stop to consider all the blessings that have been handed down by those who have gone before me, it is overwhelming!! Many people’s fingerprints are strewn across my memories as I reflect on the path I have walked. Leaders who gave me influence before I had earned it, mentors who showed grace after my mistakes, individuals consistently lifting me up in prayer, couples who have provided a Godly example of marriage, parents who have modeled a Godly illustration of family, friends who have been extravagantly generous, and the list could go on.  I have been amazed to look back and see whom God has put in my life and the ways they have impacted my journey!
In the beginning of 2014, I was finishing up my ninth tax season and preparing to begin a new chapter of life I had never expected – starting a brand new church. In the months of preparation I had several encouraging conversations with many friends, but there was one, 10-minute conversation, we are still talking about today.

One of my friends at work heard about my upcoming journey, and related how God had worked in his family’s journey of pioneering a church when he was a kid. He told me that his dad is a pastor and their family had moved to a small town in Indiana to start a church. He shared the story of someone giving his dad a building for the church to meet in – just giving it to them – for free! The building was a catalyst for the growth of their congregation and the impact this church was able to have in its community and around the world. That day, the gift of an individual I did not know, almost two decades before, made an impression on me. As we were about to go start a brand new church, I prayed a bold prayer, given breathe by the story of a friend. That was April 2014. For the next year it was a prayer that would come and go in my mind and one that our plant team was challenged to take up as well. You may already know the next part, but in April of 2015 the first steps began in God orchestrating a gift of a building to The Table!!! Who would have thought? I’m telling you, we can’t make this up!! We currently possess a building that was given to us by generous givers with a legacy of Kingdom work. As we modify and reshape the pieces of this building, we are reminded of the hearts and souls that have served and gave before us. They will also be remembered as we step in to the next season when we begin meeting in this building. The church at 49 Circle Way was built by people who had a vision for what God could do through them in their community, and that vision continues through The Table. My hope is that people will look back in 20 years and trace a life changing moment back to something God has done through The Table community.
I hope that you also can reflect on the legacy of those who have gone before you or are going with you and how beautifully the strands of our lives wind together to produce something grand! You are also leaving a legacy for those coming behind you on the journey – what a privilege!

If you are ever around the St. Louis area on a Saturday evening or Sunday morning, we'd love for you to join us for a Table Gathering!!




Remodel work has begun on the St. Peters facility! We would love to have you or a group of your friends join us! Email us at


The Table Church is now on Amazon Smile!! What that means is: if you select The Table Church as your designated charity, .05% of each of your purchases is donated to The Table. Click on the picture above, you will find a search box, put in Table Church, and select our organization. Then, if you shop through Amazon's Smile site, this is an easy way to give a little extra to what is happening around The Table.



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