How to Live a Grateful Life

December 2, 2016



When asked to share on gratefulness and how one lives a grateful life in spite of the curveballs that get thrown our way,  I expected that Rory and I would be writing this together. I never dreamed that I would learn even more about a grateful life by going through one of life's biggest losses, the death of the love of my life and best friend.


On 9/11/16 Rory wrote, "Glass blowers repeatedly heated the glass.  Each time it was heated it was able to be shaped, color added and the piece took on more beauty and function.  What if blessings come thru raindrops?"  


(He wrote this shortly after we had made a trip to Silver Dollar City and while we were there we spent time watching the glass blowers do their amazing job.) This probably one of the hardest lessons that we have to learn as we walk with Christ.  


"It is hard for us to accept that we have to walk

through fires and trials at times and

be expected to find the blessings that

He provides in spite of those tough times."


John 13:7 says, "Jesus answered him, 'What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand.' This was his response to Peter when he was shocked that Jesus was washing the disciples feet at Passover.  I believe that our lives are lived this way.  We do not always understand what God is doing or why we have to suffer, grieve, fight disease, go through financially tough times, etc., but we do have to remember that we are never alone as we go through these things. To be grateful not for these things but because we do not go through them alone He is always with us and will provide all the support that we need.  Take it from me, someone who likes to think she can figure it all out and can handle things on her own, this was a hard lesson to learn, that it's ok to let others help and it has taught me even more about gratefulness.  Just in the last year or so He has supplied visible evidence of Himself and His support through the people He place in our lives, meals were provided when Rory was in the hospital, help with yard work, hugs when we thought we would fall apart and an out pouring of love knowing that we were never alone. And as I look back and think on this, sometimes after having a knock down, drag out discussion with God over the whys and how it's just not fair, I am reminded of all of His good gifts even in the midst of hard times.


Gratefulness: noun, acknowledgment of

having received something good from another.  


This is the definition I found for gratefulness, however I believe that being grateful and living a life of gratefulness is much more than this.  As Christ followers we are called to be grateful even when going through tough times and being the recipient of some not so good things.  Always remembering that Christ gave us the best gift of all, His very life, for our salvation.


Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us that God knows His plan for us and that it is for our good, ultimately.  Living a grateful life doesn't mean we can always immediately see the good that comes from a bad situation, it means leaning on on the Father, climbing into His lap to let Him take care of us knowing that He always loves us and never leaves us.


God is good and He's got this!


Robin and her daughter Sarah share their insights on gratefulness in this video:



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