See the Opportunity

May 16, 2018

There I was, standing in a hallway walking towards the exit when a kid, who looked like he was about 4, threw up.  His mom was trying to figure out what to do.  There were a couple ladies in the office adjoined to the hallway.  They went and got some paper-towels.  I had three kids with me and there was no way out except through the mess and we were not going to walk through it.  As the other ladies handed the paper-towels over, I quickly realized that they were not going to help clean this up.  This poor mom was struggling to keep her kid out of the mess and trying to get the paper-towels off the roll.  Honestly, I did not want to help, I usually get sick when someone else gets sick.  However, something prompted me to move.  So I grabbed the roll of paper-towels and started helping to get the hallway clean.  It took less than 5 minutes of my time, but it took probably at least that before I reacted to the need.  I was slow.  I wish I would have jumped in quicker.  Sometimes we miss great opportunities because we think they are hinderances that are just blocking our path.  At the end of Acts 3, after Peter and John heal the crippled man, Peter recognizes something.  Take a look:



12 Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd. “People of Israel,” he said, “what is so surprising about this? And why stare at us as though we had made this man walk by our own power or godliness? 13 For it is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—the God of all our ancestors—who has brought glory to his servant Jesus by doing this. This is the same Jesus whom you handed over and rejected before Pilate, despite Pilate’s decision to release him. 14 You rejected this holy, righteous one and instead demanded the release of a murderer. 15 You killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead. And we are witnesses of this fact!

16 “Through faith in the name of Jesus, this man was healed—and you know how crippled he was before. Faith in Jesus’ name has healed him before your very eyes.


"Peter saw his opportunity..."!  What opportunities will come your way today?  I pray that the Holy Spirit will give you eyes for the needs around you.  I pray that you will recognize the opportunity and respond.


With sincere love for each of you,


Pastor Jon

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