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October 9, 2018




This last week was rough for me. Because of that it was hard for me to find contentment in almost every aspect of my life. The superficial aspect of just wanting more things. I'm going duck hunting this winter, so clearly I want everything I'm supposed to have for that. There's never really a time in my life that I don't want more clothes. And I always wish I had more money because I want to be able to decorate my house more. And then there's the more personal side of discontentment. I always want to be able to see certain people more often or have more time with them. And the more practical side of things. Sometimes I want another job. Sometimes I want to not have to work another job at all. I can guarantee you that is not all of my wants in life, but there's just six I thought of in less than five minutes.


However, God doesn't call us to a life where all of our wants will be fulfilled. He calls us to a life where His glory can be realized. Showing contentment and being able to rely on God in all areas of our life will have a much bigger impact for the Kingdom than simply being able to show that our life is everything we've ever wanted. This impact is especially true for people who are not already followers of God. I have heard numerous unbelievers compliment and take notice of other believer's faith in God when things are not going the way we'd all want them to. People see the difference when others rely on someone more than just themselves.


For most of us, even when we want other things, I think it's easier for us to realize that we're not always going to be able to get them. We understand that sometimes life isn't fair or we may have to wait longer than we originally thought we would for something. But children seem not have this same understanding. It's harder for them to see the good in the bad. They don't always understand God's hand in things. Children don't get why they have to have a teacher they don't get along with, or why they can't go to their friends house every single day, or why they can't get a new toy at the store. But we need to make it our priority to show them the reasoning behind these things. The practical reasons are important - the teacher can still help them learn, they have homework to do, and there's not always enough money for new toys. But showing them how God's hand is in these tough situations is way more important for them to learn contentment. God may be using that teacher to teach them incredible life lessons and not just math problems. Staying at home a few nights a week will give them more time to create better relationships with their own family. And going without a toy a few times gives insight to the kids who may never be able to get new toys. 


I pray that you all will help teach our children the important lesson of contentment and be able to look beyond just the worldly reasons for it. 



  • The children will be collecting shoebox items for Operation Christmas Child. We are asking gatherers to donate these items. Think: toys, socks, toothbrushes, brushes. Applicable to both boys and girls. 

  • We will be having a parent's night out kids event on December 1st-2nd. It will be a sleepover at the church with movies, games/crafts, and food for the kiddos.

  • We will be having a training day at the church for Kid Volunteers and teachers this quarter. Keep your eyes open for a date and time.





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