Day 11 Silence and Solitude

March 16, 2019


If someone was to ask me what my favorite season is the answer would be fall. For my family, fall is when the hustle and bustle of life slows down a little and it seems like we can enjoy the things we love to do the most. It is the time of year when we do bonfires, hayrides, and do most of our camping. My family's favorite holiday is in the fall, which is Thanksgiving. Fall also means the start to the hunting season. It is a time I can spend with old friends in a duck blind trying to fill daily limits, while laughing about the past. It’s when I get to enjoy a 10 day deer camp with family trying to fill the freezer, while hoping to see that trophy buck. It’s a chance to put the skills I’ve been practicing on my newest turkey call to use, trying to call in that big tom. But above all these things it’s a time when I can spend many hours in solitude in my favorite deer-stand, which I have nicknamed “sanctuary in the sky”, praying and discussing life with God. 


In Luke 5:16 it says “But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” We see that Jesus also needed some alone time to pray. You think your life is hectic, just imagine being Jesus and trying to duplicate His ministry. In the verses before this, Luke tells us: 1. Jesus heals the man with leprosy and that the word spread all the more.  2. Crowds of people were coming to see Him, hear Him, and to be healed of their own illnesses.   Jesus was on the uptick.  His ministry and popularity was growing. Even though He was unbelievably busy, nothing seemed to deter Him from spending time in the wilderness to pray.


Why the wilderness? I believe it was the only place He could find that was quiet and deserted, the same reason I love my “sanctuary in the sky.” See for me to truly escape and focus on communicating with God and listening for what God has for me, I have to be in a place where my cell phone doesn’t work. I have to be in a place where there’s not a house to fix, or a car that needs worked on. I need to be in a place where my kids aren’t asking me for help with homework. What I need is a place where I can go and get away from it all and ask God for the strength to continue to be able to do all these other things, and we can only get that strength by spending time with him in prayer 


My wilderness, the place I go that is quiet and deserted so I can communicate and focus solely on God is a deer stand nicknamed “sanctuary in the sky.” I find myself visiting this favorite prayer spot year-round because of the peace and comfort I get from there without outside Interference when I am communicating with God. Where is your wilderness, where do you go so that you can focus on communicating with God? Maybe it’s at your favorite spot in a park, or favorite fishing spot, maybe it’s sitting by a fire at your favorite campsite, or setting on the beach or on a bench in your garden. Wherever it is, make sure to take some time and get to your wilderness and spend some time communicating with God.


Know that you are loved,


David Springer


David Springer has served on The Table Leadership Team for the past 2 years.  Currently, David oversees our outreach ministries.  Next month, at the General Assembly for Missouri Ministries of the Church of God, David will officially become an ordained minister.

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