Day 14 Silence and Solitude

March 19, 2019


Have you ever gotten something you thought you really wanted or did something exciting only to realize it wasn’t as great as you’d hoped? One time during a break in school, I decided to come home last minute. I also wound up bringing a group of my friends’ home with me. We were all so excited, and it was really fun at first. But even though it was only for a few days, by the end I was wishing I had just come home alone. Not because my friends had done anything wrong or we weren’t getting along. But I think I would have enjoyed my break more if I would have had more alone time with my family and friends from home. 
    Jesus had a time where he could have had the same thing happen. John 6:15 reads, “Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.”
    Now Jesus clearly had more wisdom than I did because he chose to go off alone. The people were coming to get him to be king… Which doesn’t sound too bad, right? In fact, Jesus is King, so at first it seems counterproductive for him to leave during this time. But that’s not the reason and way Jesus wanted his Kingdom to spread. And he was more interested in being with God the Father than a crowd of people. Jesus knew what was important during this time.
    I hope we all take a little extra time during this season to be alone with God. It can be easy to use the extra time we’ve managed to find to spend with others or to do “more productive” things. Which doesn’t look bad, but that’s not the reason we observe Lent. I encourage you to spend more parts of your day alone with Jesus. In the mornings reading your Bible, in your car with worship music on, on your lunch break reading a devotion, or in the evenings listening to a sermon or podcast to help you grow closer to the one who really matters.



Sarah Allen has been serving on the Leadership Team at The Table for the past three years.  She also oversees all Children's Ministry at The Table as a member on our staff.

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