Day 28 Meditation on God's Words and Ways

April 2, 2019


     On one visit to Taum Sauk Falls, I was ahead of the pack, trying to be the first one to the falls. I remember hearing the rushing water, before I could see it. I remember the feeling of victory, as I broke through the trees and was first to stand atop jagged rocks and rushing falls. For the next few moments, the water drowned out all other sound, the trees blocked out all other sights and it was just me, the falls and my Creator.  I relish moments like these: undistracted meditation with God, in nature. I feel: at peace, focused, thankful and inspired!


I always feel close to God in nature. In the natural splendor and beauty that only God can take credit for, I am reminded how small I am and how big he is.


Growing up, our family vacations were spent in Missouri state parks, because they were free and usually only a few hours away. I am very grateful for these experiences. I got to see how beautiful the state of Missouri is, and learn to appreciate the beauty of what God‘s creation.


I think the writer of this verse in Psalm, might have looked out over a beautiful landscape when he wrote this verse:


Psalm 145:5   I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles.


After a few moments alone at the falls that day, the rest of the family broke through the trees and it was time to play in the water. Sometimes moments of meditation on Gods splendor and miracles can be fleeting. But the moments we do get, can be tucked away and recalled from our hearts.


I challenge you to find time in the space that most reminds you of Gods splendor. To be aware and tuck away the memory of how you feel In that space. Even if your time there is limited. I also challenge you to try to bring up memories and emotions of a time when you have meditated on his splendor and miracles, and let that wash over you again.


Amanda Simmonds is a founding plant team member at The Table. For the past 5 years she has also used her gifts serving on the Leadership Team. Currently, Amanda's role is in the operations of The Table and also organizing our Small Group Ministry.​

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