Day 30 Service to Others

April 4, 2019


                 Remember when we all use to get summer vacations off during school? Especially throughout middle school and early high school, before our summers were filled with working. Reminiscing on those last days of school, you can remember the freedom and excitement you felt when the last bell rang for the day. We didn’t have to worry about homework or waking up early every day. We could essentially do whatever we wanted with our time! Well in Galatians, it also talks about a freedom we can all experience, even now.

            Galatians 5:13 reads, “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”

            Most of us probably used our summer vacations for sleeping in, hanging out with friends, watching too much tv or playing too many video games. But what if we would have used that time for something greater? This verse in Galatians, tells us that as Christians, we are called to freedom that others do not have. We are free from the things that may have oppressed us in our past. We get to have that excitement for everyday life just like when we’d feel excited on the last day of school. And we are called to use this freedom to serve and help others. When we live according to God’s call on our life, that joy can be found even in our everyday lives. However, with the sense of freedom, there is the opportunity to use it in a way to only further our earthly desires. To spend our time not only on things that won’t further the Kingdom, but that will hinder us from getting there ourselves.

            As we think of the freedom we’ve been given as Christians, and maybe we feel even more free in this time of Lent since we’ve given something up we may have felt tied to. I pray we use it as a way to serve others, and not just as an opportunity to waste our time on something else frivolous. Maybe we have extra time now to cook a meal for someone who is in a really busy season of life. Or we can help someone out with cleaning their house if they can’t get around too well. Or we can volunteer at a shelter to help those who are less fortunate that us. As Christians, we should be seen as the most liberated group of people. And I pray that we use that liberation to bring it to others in some way.



Sarah Allen has been serving on the Leadership Team at The Table for the past three years.  She also oversees all Children's Ministry at The Table as a member on our staff.


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