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If a Hollywood studio began filming a documentary on friendships, would the film be worth seeing? As you greet someone at the gas station or the grocery store what is the first question that comes up? “How are you doing?” I will bet that the answer 9 times out of 10 is either: “good”, “well” or “ok”. Then the question is repeated by the recipient of the first question, “How are you?” And again: “Good”, “well”, “I’m ok.” Now how boring of a film would that be? Now imagine the twist in the film when the question is asked and the answers are different: “The doctor told me this week I have cancer.” “I lost my job on Friday.” “I’m falling back into the addiction I thought I had conquered.” It is a bit awkward when we get those answers in real life because we don't really know how to respond?


Bill Hybels once shared in his book Axiom, “It’s the great temptation for small groups of people to slide into a state where they’re not quite telling the truth and they’re not quite celebrating each other.” I would go on to say that there comes a point where those same people aren’t weeping with each other either. The Apostle Paul, who wrote a ton of the New Testament in the Bible, tells us to “Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.” Perhaps our honest, difficult answer to the question, “how are you doing” could make a great film documentary on friendships...if the answers are honest. That might be a film worth seeing and our honest answers might also lead to friendships worth having. At The Table, we want everyone that we come into contact with to feel less alone in this world. Having honest conversations is one of the ways we can cultivate unrestrained friendships.


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